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Feinstein's New Gun Control Push

Would allow confiscation of firearms.

Jun. 9, 2014

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is up to her usual tricks. Following a murderous rampage in Santa Barbara, Feinstein unveiled another gun control push called “The Pause for Safety Act.” The legislation (which stands virtually no chance of passing Congress) would bar individuals from purchasing firearms with a “gun violence prevention order” and allow law enforcement to confiscate firearms with a “gun violence prevention warrant” if a concerned resident deems anyone “a threat.” Gun blogger Nick Leghorn notes, “So, for example, if a gun control activist got ahold of a sign-in sheet from a local gun range, they could start spamming the judicial system with these ‘gun violence prevention warrants,’ claiming that they believe these individuals [are] about to commit a crime, and send a squad of police officers to their doorstep to confiscate their firearms. For their own good, of course.” More…

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