Right Hooks

'Sensitivity' Training for Baker

And "progress" reports.

Jun. 11, 2014

In December, Colorado-based bakery owner Jack Phillips was ordered by Administrative Law Judge Robert N. Spencer to provide cakes to homosexual couples for their same-sex ceremonies despite Phillips’ Christian convictions. Phillips appealed the ruling to no avail. He will now be forced to attend “sensitivity” training (i.e., re-education camp) and provide “progress” reports, meaning the Colorado Civil Rights Commission will oversee all of Masterpiece Cake Shop’s business activities. Alliance Defending Freedom’s Nicolle Martin explains, “So if his shop is closed or he’s out of flour, he needs to report to the commission.” According to ACLU attorney Amanda Goad, “[R]eligious freedom is undoubtedly an important American value … [but] so is the right to be treated equally under the law free from discrimination.” We wonder if Ms. Goad would have the same response if the real victim here – Jack Phillips – were Muslim instead. More…

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