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Krauthammer on Iraq

Al-Qaida stronger than ever.

Jun. 12, 2014

Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer says the unfolding chaos in Iraq is the direct result of Barack Obama’s failed policy: “The issue transcends the political standing of the president. This is an issue of the national security of the United States in the Middle East. What we’re seeing now, al-Qaida has control of the largest city it has ever controlled in its history. It has control of the largest area of territory – from the outskirts of Aleppo in the west to Mosul in the east – than it ever has in its history. This is an enormous threat and it is a direct result of the two decisions that Obama made. Leaving Iraq – he says he ended the war in Iraq. No. David Petraeus ended the war in Iraq. He defeated al-Qaida and ended the civil war. Obama threw away the fruits of victory. … Al-Qaida is arguably now the strongest it has ever been and it’s a result of Obama’s policies.”

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