Right Hooks

Bait and Switch Fraud

Control the border, else reform is pointless.

Jun. 13, 2014

Thomas Sowell: “Barack Obama is the biggest reason to pass no immigration ‘reform’ laws until after he is gone. It doesn’t matter what immigration policies you believe in if you don’t control your borders – and the vast numbers of minors flooding across our borders today show that the Obama administration has no intention of controlling the borders. They are more concerned with controlling the border guards and ordering them not to take pictures that show the public what is happening. If you are serious about controlling the borders, then you pass laws to control the borders first. Some years later, after you can see whether the border has been controlled or not – you can start discussing what our national immigration laws should be. Otherwise, ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform means granting some form of amnesty up front and promising to control the border later. How many more times are we going to fall for that bait and switch fraud?”

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