Right Hooks

CNN's Moment of Truth

The outlet takes on gun violence statistics.

Jun. 13, 2014

The Leftmedia wasted no time trumpeting a report by Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group Everytown for Gun Safety, which claimed that 74 school shootings have been perpetrated since the tragedy in Newtown. Suffice to say, that claim is downright false – so wrong, in fact, than CNN did a fact-check and admitted the statistics are flawed. You know it’s bad when CNN feels compelled to look into the facts. Curiously, CNN ran another segment with criminologist James Alan Fox of Northeastern University, who debunked the Left’s assertion that mass shootings are going up. That said, “Fox doesn’t mention the other trendline on overall gun violence, which isn’t flat – it’s falling, on both the actual numbers and especially on a population-adjusted basis,” notes Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey. Still, this is more than we could have expected from a mainstream media outlet who constantly goes to bat for the Obama administration. As the saying goes, a broken clock is right twice a day. More…

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