Right Hooks

Hickenlooper 'Apologizes'

Sorry about that gun control, guys.

Jun. 17, 2014

For most it’s too little, too late, but Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is attempting to reconcile with the state’s sheriffs after the blowback that ensued following Democrats’ latest gun control push. According to 9NEWS, “A Hickenlooper spokesman confirms that the Governor apologized to the sheriffs for not meeting with them prior to the passage of gun control bills they opposed. Hickenlooper also said his administration didn’t do a good job anticipating pushback on gun control. According to his spokesman, Hickenlooper pledged better communication in the future.” Hickenlooper’s straw man may be politically expedient (“I wonder what John Hickenlooper’s internal polling is telling him?” wonders RedState’s Moe Lane), but voters shouldn’t buy into it. If he were truly sorry, he wouldn’t be apologizing for a lack of communication; he’d be apologizing for defying the Constitution. More…

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