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Down to a Science

Illegals exploit loopholes in the law.

Jun. 17, 2014

First, the children from Central America crossing the U.S. border misunderstand America’s immigration laws, thinking they can stay here because of a “new law,” according to Hot Air’s Allahpundit. Despite misunderstandings, Obama’s immigration policies and plans are making their rounds south of the border, and parents are sending their children north. But never fear, the glib-tonged Joe Biden is taking a trip to inform the South American people and head off the hoard. When they cross the border, The Blaze reports, the children say they are fleeing gang violence. And that’s suspicious according to Border Patrol agent Albert Spratte: “It’s something they’re all saying and it’s obvious that it is well-rehearsed and it is a consistent story. We can’t even get them to answer their name before they tell us the gangs were the reason they fled their country.” With the path into America down to a science, we have a name for the illegal immigration. It’s called organized crime. More…

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