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Say, ObamaCare's Expensive!

Leftmedia surprised at projected costs.

Jun. 18, 2014

In a surprise to absolutely no one with common sense, the L.A. Times reports ObamaCare subsidies, claimed by 90% of Healthcare.gov enrollees, have greatly skewed cost estimates. “Nearly 9 in 10 Americans who bought health coverage on the federal government’s healthcare marketplaces received government assistance to offset their premiums,” according to the Times. “That assistance helped lower premiums for consumers who bought health coverage on the federal marketplaces by 76% on average, according to the new report from the Department of Health and Human Services. … While the generous subsidies helped consumers, they also risk inflating the new health law’s price tag in its first year.” Ironically, that 76% in consumer “savings” is coming out of taxpayers’ wallets. “The report suggests that the federal government is on track to spend at least $11 billion on subsidies for consumers,” The Times adds, however this “does not count the additional cost of providing coverage to millions of additional consumers who bought coverage in states that ran their own marketplaces.” Some “Affordable” Care Act. More…

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