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Frivolous Prosecution

Scott Walker has a target on his back.

Jun. 20, 2014

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker won his recall election in 2012 – a historic feat – after taking on his state’s public unions. But Big Labor hasn’t forgiven him. A judge unsealed prosecution documents accusing Walker of breaking the law because he coordinated fundraising during his campaign. The documents are a political attack that a judge has already thrown out. Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky writes, “What these unsealed documents provide is simply more evidence that local prosecutors were attempting to prosecute First Amendment-protected activity – specifically political speech on issues – by conservative organizations and to curtail the speech of someone they considered a political enemy. As Wisconsin Club for Growth’s attorney, Andrew Grossman, said, what these documents actually show is how local prosecutors ‘adopted a blatantly unconstitutional interpretation of Wisconsin law that they used to launch a secret criminal investigation targeting conservatives throughout Wisconsin.’” More…

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