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Reuniting Illegals With Illegals

Illegal kids placed with illegal families.

Jun. 25, 2014

It appears the Obama administration is giving some young illegal aliens infiltrating the border exactly what they want – amnesty. Rep. Paul Broun asked DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to verify rumors that some detained aliens were being reacquainted with illegal families inside the U.S. “These kids that come here illegally, they are law breakers already, and you place them with families, and it’s my understanding that some of these families may be illegal themselves,” Broun stated. “Is that correct?” Johnson responded, “I’m sure that’s true.” Breitbart’s Caroline May notes, “Under a Bush-era law, unaccompanied minors who are not from Mexico are detained at the border are transferred into the custody of Health and Human Services, which unifies the child with a parent, relative or sponsor in the Untied States.” Considering this is one of the few laws this administration is actually enforcing, we’re surprised Johnson didn’t contend, “It’s Bush’s fault!” Then again, expanding the Left’s Hispanic voter bloc is Team Obama’s primary goal. Apparently, enforcement (and finger pointing) only applies when it’s politically expedient. More…

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