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This Is What Amnesty Looks Like

Arnold Ahlert on border fiasco.

Jun. 30, 2014

Arnold Ahlert: “Obama [recently] phoned [Mexican President Enrique Pena] Nieto to talk about 'working together to return the children safely to their families and to build Central American capacity to receive returned individuals’ because the nations had a ‘shared responsibility for promoting security in both countries and in the region.’ That very same week, the White House held a 'Champions of Change’ ceremony honoring 10 illegal activists who received temporary amnesty under DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals]. … The gamesmanship being perpetrated by the Obama administration and its willing accomplices is appalling, and the genuine humanitarian crisis here is the one being endured by an American public, treated as nothing more than an annoying impediment to an agenda utterly inimical to their economic, legal and cultural interests. Make no mistake: this isn’t what amnesty looks like; this is what amnesty is.”

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