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Pouring Gas on the Fire

Fundraising, not enforcing.

Jul. 8, 2014

Barack Obama is jetting down to Texas Wednesday, but the reason for his visit isn’t the flood of illegals streaming across the border. He’ll be there for a fundraiser. Meanwhile, the administration insists that most of the illegal children coming across the border will be sent home. “Based on what we know about these cases, it is unlikely that most of these kids will qualify for humanitarian relief,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said. Therefore, “they will not have a legal basis for remaining in this country and will be returned.” Pardon us for our skepticism when Obama promises to use his executive authority to limit deportations or when he’s already backed off from promises of enforcement. According to DHS, 0.1% of illegal minors were deported in 2013. Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry attributes the flood to the possible “ulterior motives” of the president, and says administration officials “either are inept or don’t care.” That’s a polite way of saying Obama is throwing gasoline on the fire. More…

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