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Weinstein Rakes in the Dough

Anti-religion crusade is a windfall.

Jul. 8, 2014

Mikey Weinstein, the feisty founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, has long been a thorn in the side of those who wish to exercise their freedom of religion even in the military. It turns out he’s very well compensated for his efforts. According to the Air Force Times, “His compensation for running MRFF is also exceptionally large compared with top salaries at most nonprofits, military-related and otherwise – especially those the size of MRFF, an Air Force Times examination of the organization’s tax filings shows. In 2012, Weinstein received total compensation worth $273,355 – about 47 percent of all money MRFF raised through contributions and grants that year.” But we’re sure Weinstein’s crusade is a selfless effort to promote freedom. More…

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