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Four Fundraisers in Texas

Obama's busy ... raising money.

Jul. 9, 2014

Despite traveling in Texas – one of the states being deluged by illegal aliens – Barack Obama will be spending the majority of his time attending a plethora of fundraisers. The Washington Post reports, “Obama plans to headline a Democratic Senate Campaign Committee fundraiser … Wednesday afternoon. After he will head to Dallas, where he will raise money for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and then fly to Austin, where he will appear at two events to benefit the Democratic National Committee. That’s four fundraisers in a little more than 24 hours. … Obama has cemented himself as the fundraiser-in-chief, attending at least 74 fundraisers or events for the DNC, DSCC and DCCC in the past year, according to a Post tally that includes this trip.” That’s hardly surprising. We wouldn’t expect the perpetual campaigner in chief to discuss viable solutions, like enforcing border security, when he can raise money for the Party who panders for the votes of these amnesty seekers. More…

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