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The Sun Is Going to Sleep, Global Cooling Next

Jul. 20, 2014

If current solar projections are any indication, the globe may be entering a new period of global cooling. SI meteorologist Paul Dorian explains: “It appears that the solar maximum phase for solar cycle 24 may have been reached and it is not very impressive. … In fact, this solar cycle continues to rank among the weakest on record which continues the recent trend for increasingly weaker cycles. … There have been two notable historical periods with decades-long episodes of low solar activity. The first period is known as the ‘Maunder Minimum’ … and it lasted from around 1645 to 1715. The second one is referred to as the ‘Dalton Minimum’ … and it lasted from about 1790 to 1830. Both of these historical periods coincided with below-normal global temperatures in an era now referred to by many as the ‘Little Ice Age.’” So what does all this mean? “If this trend continues for the next couple of cycles,” writes Dorian, “then there would likely be more talk of another ‘grand minimum’ for the sun.” Only time will tell, but at this rate, alarmists will be clamoring “global warming” hubris through chattering teeth. More…

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