Right Hooks

Unions Suffer Yet Another Loss in Wisconsin

Jul. 31, 2014

Union activists and their leftist brethren have pulled every trick in the book attempting to derail Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s conservative agenda. Shortly after Walker reformed the state’s fiscally ruinous collective bargaining laws, Big Labor launched a vicious recall that proved hugely unsuccessful. Then, with the help of a complicit mainstream media, they falsely accused the governor of campaign finance violations – a probe that was recently suspended. Now, the state’s high court has further shamed Walker’s foes by upholding his reforms. The AP reports, “The fight over Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s signature policy achievement, a law effectively ending collective bargaining for most public employees, ended Thursday with the state Supreme Court declaring it to be constitutional. … The 5-2 state Supreme Court ruling is another major victory for Walker as he heads into the statewide election.” Justice Michael Gableman issued a well-stated indictment in the ruling, writing, “No matter the limitations or ‘burdens’ a legislative enactment places on the collective bargaining process, collective bargaining remains a creation of legislative grace and not constitutional obligation.” More…

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