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Judge Upholds Tennessee's Traditional View of Marriage

Aug. 13, 2014

There was an important ruling last week in Tennessee, though you’re not likely to hear much about it in the Leftmedia. Judge Russell E. Simmons Jr. did what so many other judges with animosity have failed to do, especially in the marriage debate – consider what the Constitution has to say, or, in this case, what it doesn’t say. Tennessee does not recognize same-sex marriage, a policy that Judge Simmons affirmed is constitutional thanks to the Tenth Amendment. The ruling was prompted after a same-sex couple from Iowa couldn’t divorce in Tennessee because the state outlaws same-sex marriage to begin with. As Heritage Foundation’s Ryan T. Anderson writes, this is exactly how it should be: “Marriage policy should be worked out by the people in the states; this is the beauty of federalism. We do not need a court-imposed 50-state solution. The courts should not force states to abandon caution in the face of a social experiment like the redefinition of marriage.” More…

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