Right Hooks

The Tea Party Cannot Die

Aug. 20, 2014

A dispatch came from The Last Frontier saying Dan Sullivan beat out his Tea Party rival, Joe Miller, in Alaska’s Republican Senate primary. It’s another primary and the Republican establishment candidate has once again defeated the Tea Party rival. And it’s onto the race against sitting Democrat Senator Mark Begich. But as The Washington Examiner points out, Sullivan himself is Tea Party material, having once been appointed to office by former Governor Sarah Palin. It writes, “If, as expected now, Miller and other Alaska Tea Partiers go all-out against Begich as part of a winning campaign, don’t be surprised if they spend the next six years reminding Sullivan that he couldn’t have won without them. That’s called political maturity.” It’s a prime example of how the Tea Party is losing the races but winning the war for the Republican soul. If the Tea Party dies, than the dream of limited government and sound fiscal policy dies with it, and the Republican Party simply becomes the party without power. More…

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