The Patriot Post® · Rangel Says Tea Party Is Just Like Dixiecrats

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) doesn’t think much of Southerners. In fact, we’re all racists as far as he’s concerned. “I think if you take a look and see which counties and which congressional districts, which areas of the United States had the most prejudice, it would be the slaveholding states,” he declared. “It would be the Confederate states. It would be the states that fought [against] the Union. Those that hated Lincoln.” Not only that, he insists, but Southerners are direct descendants of Dixiecrats. “If you look at it today, they have changed parties,” he said. “They used to be Dixiecrats, then they became Tea Party.” The old Tea-Party-is-racist canard is getting pretty old already. But look for Democrats to keep harping on it.