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Neighbor Wants City to Shutter Boy's 'Illegal Business'

Aug. 27, 2014

Some sour curmudgeon wants to shut down a 12-year-old’s lemonade stand in Florida. T.J. Guerrero sells lemonade and cookies in the neighborhood of Doug Wilkey, who emailed the city four times about the middle schooler’s “illegal business.” If T.J. would stop selling lemonade year round, Wilkey wrote, the problems of the neighborhood, all the traffic, noise, trash, illegal parking, would go away. Property values will return. All will be well. So far, the city has refused to shut down T.J’s lemonade stand, which is commendable given the young entrepreneur’s age. We need more people in government willing to step back and let entrepreneurs go (especially the next generation of businessmen like T.J.), and less people like Wilkey, who should stop advocating the government take a club to a boy’s business. More…

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