The Patriot Post® · DOJ Hasn't Prosecuted Virginia Voter Fraud

Fairfax County election officials have 17 instances of voter fraud on their hands and Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has done nothing about it. During the presidential election of 2012, 17 people crossed the state line and cast votes in both Virginia and Maryland. Officials have names. They have social security numbers. The case would slam shut with a clang even before the DOJ opened it. But there’s not a peep from Obama’s G-men, according to Hans von Spakovsky, who served on the Fairfax County Electoral board. It boils down to narrative because voters in this vaulted democracy republic are too noble to do anything illegal, the Left says. After all, in progressive-land, the only people messing with Democracy are the white, male Republicans. That’s why Holder filed suits in North Carolina and Texas over the states’ voter laws last year because they required photo identification. More…

In a press release, the Virginia Voter’s Alliance said:

> “Many people think voter fraud only occurs between Democrats and Republicans. That is not true. There is Republican-on-Republican voter fraud as evidenced by what went on in Mississippi in the Cochran/McDaniel Senate primary race, as well as, the slating of conservatives here in Virginia. Or, if you want to hear how Democrat-on-Democrat voter fraud is used as an election weapon, talk to Artur Davis, the former US representative from Birmingham, Alabama or examine the recent primary elections in New Mexico.

> "Virginians, and indeed the American people, need to wake up and demand that we have open and honest elections; otherwise, when no one trusts our elections, we will lose our Constitutional Republic.”