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Libya Airplanes May Have Fallen Into Terrorists' Hands

Sep. 3, 2014

Eleven passenger airplanes have disappeared into the fog of war from a Libyan airport. A handful of anonymous sources told The Washington Free Beacon the aircraft may have fallen into the hands of Libyan militias tied to al-Qaida, raising fears that terrorists could once again carry out attacks on the 9/11 anniversary. However, there are softer targets out there than Washington, DC, or New York City. Since 9/11, the National Guard has begun to protect the capitol and the U.S. Army and Navy have developed new air defense systems. Instead, the mid-range Airbuses could attack targets like Saudi Arabia’s oil fields, or the terrorists could all pile in with their AK-47s and grenade launchers and hop on over to some other airport to unload in a sinister clown-mobile attack. We’re sure the commander in chief will announce a strategy soon. More…

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