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NATO Summit Produces Only Talk

Sep. 5, 2014

The NATO Summit kicked off Thursday in Wales at the only place Barack Obama would discuss international security – at a golf resort. Obama was “noticeably absent” at the beginning of the summit. The official story is he was talking to King Abdullah of Jordan, but the report didn’t say whether or not the meeting happened while they were putting down at the 9th hole. The goal of the summit is to mold NATO into an organization that can respond to the present security challenges. So far, they’ve issued a sternly-worded statement to Russia on Ukraine and made a non-binding agreement that all the countries increase military spending to 2% – despite the United States giving 4.4.% of its massive GDP to NATO, essentially keeping the organization afloat. So far, there has been no decisive action on ISIL, Ukraine or cyber attacks – just more talk at a golf course. Oh, and an air show. More…

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