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Code Pink Kerry

Sep. 19, 2014

During Secretary of State John Kerry’s testimony before Congress on ISIL, he was interrupted by protesters from the feminist group known as Code Pink. Instead of ignoring their nonsense, however, he took the opportunity to address their concerns. “I understand dissent,” he said. “I’ve lived it. That’s how I first testified in front of this country in 1971.” Indeed – Kerry served in Vietnam (which he incessantly reminds us) only to come home as an anti-war protester. He then slandered his fellow servicemen before Congress, alleging horrific crimes. In our view, he’s also guilty of treason for his meetings with the North Vietnamese. But back to Code Pink. He added, “I also know something about Code Pink. You ought to care about fighting ISIL, because ISIL is killing and raping and mutilating women, and they believe women shouldn’t have an education. They sell off girls to be sex slaves to jihadists! … And they’re not offering anyone health care of any kind.” So we’re supposed to fight ISIL because they’re raping women and not offering health care? Not to minimize their atrocities, but the U.S. doesn’t take military action for those reasons. We take action because our security is threatened. Instead, Kerry made a mockery of the issue to appease some permanently disgruntled women.

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