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Dems Believe Hot Air Poses a Greater Threat Than Terrorists

Sep. 23, 2014

If you believe a few-degree Fahrenheit rise in earth’s temperature represents a bigger danger than jihadis raping, beheading, persecuting and planning terrorist attacks on non-followers of Islam, then you must be a Democrat. That’s the conclusion of a new Pew Research Center/USA Today survey. According to CNSNews.com, “68 percent of Democrats said global climate change is a ‘major threat’ to the U.S. while 67 percent chose al Qaida and 65 percent chose ISIS as a major threat to the country.” While Democrats obsess over the implications of global climate change, “among Republicans and Independents, it placed last on a list of nine ‘major threats.’” Just another reason you don’t put Democrats in charge of anything, especially foreign policy. More…

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