The Patriot Post® · How's That Anti-ISIL Campaign Going?

Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria are going swimmingly. Or not. First, the “moderate” rebels in the Free Syrian Army aren’t exactly trustworthy with their intelligence, in part because they often work closely with the Nusra Front (a.k.a. al-Qaida/ISIL) against Bashar al-Assad. So closely, in fact, that we almost mistakenly bombed an FSA headquarters virtually next door to an al-Qaida camp. Second, Iraqi pilots inadvertently dropped food, water and ammunition for ISIL forces instead of the Iraqi soldiers for whom they were intended. Finally, Yahoo! News reports, “The White House has acknowledged for the first time that strict standards President Obama imposed last year to prevent civilian deaths from U.S. drone strikes will not apply to U.S. military operations in Syria and Iraq.” In other words, Barack Obama’s strategy is working about as well as ObamaCare.