Right Hooks

School Approves of Boys Showering With Girls

Oct. 1, 2014

A teenage male from Kentucky was given the OK by school officials to use the women’s facilities. WAVE 3 News reports, “In a 5-to-1 vote, an appeal board upheld Atherton High School’s nondiscrimination policy Thursday, which states the school must accept the gender identity each student asserts and shouldn’t discriminate on the use of school space on the basis of gender identity nor gender expression.” Extrapolate this decision, and you can imagine where this is heading. The move essentially gives the green light for anyone to use facilities delegated to the opposite sex, even those who identify as straight. What’s to stop them from lying about their supposed sexual orientation? As Attorney Clint Elliott points out, “So students get to choose the restroom or locker room they use without any apparent monitor or control measures in place under the policy and no control to assure safety or privacy.” By accommodating the “rights” of sexually disoriented individuals, the rights of others are taken away in the process. These kind of decisions help explain modern day’s cultural rot. More…

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