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Michelle Obama's Lunch Standards Cost How Much?

Oct. 5, 2014

It seems that, like her husband, Michelle Obama’s taste for expensive excursions extends to public policy as well. According to the School Nutrition Association, “The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that [Obama’s] new school meal standards will force local school districts and states to absorb $1.22 billion in new food, labor and administrative costs in Fiscal Year 2015 alone, up from $362 million in additional costs in FY 2014.” SNA CEO Patricia Montague says, “School nutrition professionals have led the way in promoting improved diets for students and are committed to serving healthy meals.” In other words, federal intervention isn’t helping. Montague adds that “fewer students are eating school meals, and the escalating costs of meeting overly prescriptive regulations are putting school meal programs in financial jeopardy.” She wants “USDA or Congress … to provide greater flexibility” because of the exorbitant costs. EAGnews.org founder Kyle Olson notes, “The additional cost is the equivalent of the average pay of about 23,000 high school teachers.” The lunch program needs to shed a few calories. More…

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