The Patriot Post® · Guideposts of Liberty Can Help the RNC

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus did his job last week in releasing eleven key principles of the GOP that honor the Constitution and the Republican Platform.

The GOP has an opportunity here to clearly establish the party’s values and vision. The RNC chairman seems to have staked out the proverbial Republican field on which candidates roam, graze and live in the world of politics. Just to name a few, the guideposts are conservative fiscal principles; the honor of the individual and personal responsibility; the value of a limited, accountable government; the value of life from the womb to the tomb; and upholding the founding principles of religious freedom that cultivated a moral people rather than an over-regulated people.

Yet, in recent years, the RNC and state Republican organizations have been relegated to fundraising vessels to store and carry funds throughout various election cycles. Contrast that to winning hearts and minds through principled discussions and clearing a pathway for a better America. The growth of the Republican Party would begin from the grassroots up and not simply be a function of messaging, high-paid consultants and integrated media plans.

Politics are now hijacked by elected officials seeking the media spotlight for an election cycle or an ambitious wannabe aiming for face time to promote a book or prepare for a future election.

Boiling it down, our elected officials have become the everyday faces of the respective partisan organizations, while they are actually elected to govern on the platform of values with which they identify. Today, there’s more politicking than governing – on both sides of the aisle.

Another thought to ponder: If the RNC focused on a set of values and principles, and regularly communicated and advocated those values and principles rather than merely protecting incumbents, would there need to be a Tea Party today?

Many years ago, then-RNC Chairman Bill Brock, a former congressman, senator, U.S. Trade Representative and Secretary of Labor under Ronald Reagan, did just that. While the churn of unhappy Republicans endured the rocky road of Richard Nixon followed by Gerald Ford and the malaise president, Jimmy Carter, Bill Brock served as the RNC chairman from 1977-1981.

In those times of misery, much like today, there was a lack of leadership to halt the slide of failed policies and uproot the weeds choking out economic growth. According to Brock, there were even serious questions as to whether the “Republican Party shouldn’t just change its name and start over.”

Yet Chairman Bill Brock’s predecessor, Mary Louise Smith, made the statement on which the Republicans stood in 1976 and must stand now: “We don’t have to change the party’s name. We have to live up to it.”

The eleven principles identified by Chairman Priebus are important. But it’s most important to take those principles, animate them into solutions to win the hearts and minds of Americans, and elect those competent and committed to lead within the scope of constitutional conservatism that honors the individual, rewards production and serves as the voice of hope for America.

So, Chairman Priebus, it’s about time the GOP lives up to the name of the Grand Old Party that grafts the U.S. Constitution and the party platform of views and enumerated principles into a strong matrix of growth and government.

Assume your role of lead Republican rancher with the Constitution in one hand and the Republican National Committee Platform in the other, driving the fence posts deeply and firmly to serve as the guide of those who register and run as Republicans.

Elected Republicans should govern, not serve as the face of the Republican National Committee. Average Americans should be inspired by the voices and values of the GOP and benefit from the governing policies of effective elected leaders who operate within the land of policy marked with the guideposts of Liberty.