The Patriot Post® · Piers Morgan to Obama: 'Get Off the Damn Golf Course'

Former CNN host Piers Morgan used to love Barack Obama. Now he’s acting like a jilted lover, and he’s not taking Obama’s nonsense any more. “It’s time he got off the damn golf course, got up to speed with his intelligence briefings and focused on wiping out [ISIL] before they wipe out more of the people he serves,” Morgan insisted. Of Obama’s speeches on ISIL, blaming others and downplaying the problem, Morgan added, “This is all just nonsense rhetoric, because [ISIL] clearly is an Islamic fundamentalist organization, it’s a terror group, and when they start beheading American and British citizens in these gruesome snuff movies that they are making, and releasing them to the world, taunting, taunting these countries, it’s not good enough to simply say, ‘Yeah, I’m really upset about this beheading,’ and then seven minutes later, as Obama did, go to a golf course and be seen goofing around on the first tee. That really hit home to me.” For once, Morgan is right on the money.