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Governors Respond to SCOTUS's Non-Decision Decision

Oct. 8, 2014

Monday’s Supreme Court decision (or lack thereof) on the marriage debate essentially upheld several lower court rulings that struck a blow to the Tenth Amendment by overturning voter-approved bans on same-sex marriage. The Court’s circumvention means the issue is by no means settled, but it does inflict further damage on traditional norms. Unfortunately, it may also encourage more sentimental rulings and utter disregard for Rule of Law. But as discouraging as this is, it’s encouraging to see some governors abiding by their oaths to support and defend the Constitution. Here’s how three of them responded to Monday’s non-decision decision:

  • “Today’s decision has been cast by the media as a victory for gay rights. What has been ignored, however, is the right of Oklahomans – and Americans in every state – to write their own laws and govern themselves as they see fit. Those rights have once again been trampled by an arrogant, out-of-control federal government that wants to substitute Oklahoma values with Washington, D.C. values.” –Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin

  • “I disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision, which goes against the amendment that North Carolina voters overwhelmingly approved. We will continue to respect the legal process as it proceeds.” –North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory

  • “I swore an oath to support the Constitution of the State of Kansas. An overwhelming majority of Kansas voters amended the Constitution to include a definition of marriage as one man and one woman. Activist judges should not overrule the people of Kansas.” –Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

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