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Ebola Doesn't Convince Kerry to Secure the Borders

Oct. 9, 2014

The Left’s aversion to securing the nation’s borders is because the influx of illegal immigrants assures the growth of a critical Democrat constituency. Secretary of State John Kerry said that while Ebola is dire and the efforts to stop it need to be increased, the disease is no reason to close American borders. “We need airlines to continue to operate in West Africa and we need borders to remain open,” Kerry insisted. Meanwhile, Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly noted that 1.4 million people may be infected with Ebola worldwide if the current third-world trends continue. If the disease reaches countries like Haiti, Guatemala or Honduras, Kelly said, “It’s literally, ‘Katie bar the door,’ and there will be mass migration into the United States. They will run away from Ebola, or if they suspect they are infected, they will try to get to the United States for treatment.” Of all the reasons to secure the border, Ebola is certainly a good one. However, we note regarding pandemic concerns that the media hype about Ebola in the U.S. is highly sensationalized. While Americans should be concerned, let’s put Ebola into perspective: In the latest year of record for CDC epidemiology reports, there were 53,826 deaths from influenza and pneumonia. Currently, the Enterovirus D68 is in 42 states and is killing elementary age school children now.

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