The Patriot Post® · Pentagon Prepares to Fight 'Climate Change'

The United States military and the Department of Defense are tasked with providing security to our country. Terrorism at the hands of al-Qaida and the Islamic State abounds, troops have landed in Africa to fight Ebola and our borders remain unsecure. Yet the military will gear up to fight the greatest threat to mankind – “climate change.” What?

On Monday, the Department of Defense released its 2014 Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap, which provides the guidelines for how the U.S. military will address the effects of climate change (a.k.a. global warming, er, global climate disruption). Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel revealed the plan before the Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas, calling climate change a “threat multiplier” that could intensify the world’s current problems, such as infectious diseases and terrorism.

It’s clear Hagel is now in lockstep with other climate alarmists like Secretary of State John Kerry, who less than a month ago claimed that “climate change is one of the biggest – if not the biggest national security threat facing the U.S.” Right, because Ebola isn’t already in the U.S. and ISIL isn’t expanding its territorial control in the Middle East from which to threaten the West.

Certainly when it comes to a changing climate (severe weather, hurricanes, flooding etc.) our military should be prepared to act – as in, it should have a plan to overcome the challenges that could alter the outcome of a mission. However, this roadmap put forth by Hagel and the Department of Defense doesn’t do that. Hagel insists, “While scientists are converging towards consensus on future climate projections, uncertainty remains. But this cannot be an excuse for delaying action.” He basically declared that a large part of our national security policy will be to take action based upon unsubstantiated scientific claims. Is he insane?

Perhaps, but recall back to the spring, when the Obama administration aimed to deflect its abysmal failures by making climate change the electoral centerpiece for the Democrat Party. What better way to frame the seriousness of this agenda than to make “climate change” a national security priority?

Unfortunately, this political move doesn’t actually make us safer. Instead of focusing on real threats, the Left is once again aiming to use the military as a means to further its political agenda, which is to subjugate free enterprise under statist regulation.

Could it be that the reduction of troops and the refusal to re-equip the Armed Forces are part of the plan to reduce the human carbon footprint blamed for causing climate change? Is our Navy now going to be a global force for fighting global warming?

Hagel also remarked, “We must be clear-eyed about the security threats presented by climate change, and we must be pro-active in addressing them.” In other words, it’s time to move forward with Obama’s agenda.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State has overtaken large chunks of territory and slaughtered thousands. Our borders are unsecure. Ebola is spreading and is now in our own country. And yet Hagel has the audacity to tell military leaders that we need to be clear-eyed about the threat of climate change. Hagel needs to take the blinders off.

The Obama administration is focusing on climate change as a national security threat (which it isn’t; it’s an agenda) instead of actual threats. Our nation and much of the world will pay a steep price economically and militarily if this agenda is allowed to continue. Keep this in mind when voting in November’s midterm elections.