The Patriot Post® · Wisconsin Protesters Can't Power Anti-Coal Blow Up Toy

Sometimes environmentalists amuse us greatly. Such was the case when a gang of protesters showed up in Madison, Wisconsin, to voice their disapproval of Madison Gas & Electric (MG&E). Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw explains, “They were pushing back against a new rate structure change put in place by the energy provider which they claim was intended to act as a disincentive to the use of renewable energy.” Protestors had a blow up coal plant to illustrate, but ran into problems keeping it up when the battery-powered generator went dead. As a MacIver Institute reporter noted, “The same protesters who opposed MG&E for not using more renewable energy admitted they would typically plug the fan into a gas-powered generator, or into an outlet that would likely be powered by a reliable electricity source like MG&E.” We suppose they didn’t fully think that one through.