The Patriot Post® · Who Cut the Funding for Ebola Is a Non-Issue. Are We Ready?

The Left claims the Centers for Disease Control is hampered with its response to Ebola because Republicans cut spending to the CDC. The Washington Post labeled that little piece of rhetoric as an outright lie. The fact is George Bush boosted the budget of National Institutes of Health from $1.8 billion to $4.3 billion in 2004. However, let’s leave this political rhetoric. The political parties only use it to one up each other during these weeks leading up to the election. Since 1976, the world, and the CDC, knew Ebola could break out and kill with frightening force. Government is tasked with providing national security – even for the unthinkable – and it had decades to prepare. The white horseman is knocking at the gates of this country. It’s test time for the CDC and NIH and it better be prepared.