Right Hooks

Jeb Hensarling Proposes Platforms for GOP Leadership

Oct. 23, 2014

The Wall Street Journal thinks Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) may be one of the next leaders in the House. “But if Republicans do win a majority, count Mr. Hensarling among those who think they will have to do more than stymie Mr. Obama for his final two years,” the WSJ writes. “They’ll have to produce legislation, he says, putting bills on the president’s desk that he will have to sign or veto. The political trick will be calculating what to pass that Mr. Obama might conceivably sign, and what to pass anyway to educate the country and prepare for the 2016 election.” And so, Hensarling suggests the GOP introduce tax reform (it’s a politically opportune time, with the Tea Party scandal and all) and legislation expanding the guest worker program, to slow the number of people trying to come into the country illegally and allow border security to fight organized crime. “Less hay to find the needles,” he said. More…

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