The Patriot Post® · Is There a Gap in Ebola Measures?

DHS Inspector General John Roth was asked about the agency’s preparedness for a pandemic threat. He responded, “DHS did not manage its inventory of drugs or equipment. As a result DHS did not readily know how much protective equipment and drugs it had on hand, or where it was being stored.” That sounds reassuring. Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was questioned about a doctor who was working with Ebola and returned to New York City only to be diagnosed with Ebola. Was there a screening gap? “There is not a gap in the system. He was screened in West Africa before he boarded an aircraft. Uh, and he was screened upon arrival in the United States,” Earnest stammered. “Uh, and both indications, uh, in both situations, uh, he did not, uh, exhibit any symptoms of Ebola.” For the record that would imply there’s a gap.