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TSA Protects Us All From Ray Guns

Oct. 30, 2014
These ray guns look scary. Ban all use of ray guns. ... Oh wait.

The TSA confiscated the belt buckle of video producer Sean Malone because it was shaped like a gun – a Flash Gordon ray gun. According to Malone, the TSA says it confiscated the buckle because it was a replica of a weapon. But last time we checked, the number of people killed by ray guns still hovers, oh, right around zero. Something about the weapon not actually existing… But that didn’t stop the TSA from taking the belt buckle because Malone might be stupid enough to point the thing at a police officer, and the police officer might be stupid enough to think he was about to get zapped with alien technology. Ah, government, always protecting us from ourselves, and the worst of what could befall us. Don’t you feel safer? More…

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