The Patriot Post® · This Election Brings More Diversity for Republicans

In addition to a possible GOP takeover of Congress, this election could bring more diversity to the Republican Party – something that will help the party retain its gains. The Los Angeles Times reports, “Republicans in the House will probably add their first African American representative in recent years, if front-runner Mia Love picks up the south Salt Lake City-area open seat. Another black Republican, former CIA undercover officer Will Hurd, is in a tight race with a Democratic incumbent in west Texas. In addition, House Republicans could see two openly gay congressmen in a conference that currently has none. Republicans Richard Tisei in Massachusetts and Carl DeMaio in San Diego are both in tough races against Democrats.” Furthermore, Elise Stefanik is expected to become the youngest woman ever elected to the House. She’s 30 years old and, oh yeah, a Republican. Who says the Democrat Party is the only party for women, homosexuals, blacks and the young?