The Patriot Post® · Election Is Not a Referendum on Obama, Says White House

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest assures us that, no matter the outcome of today’s election, one thing is certain: It has nothing to do with Barack Obama. “It’s not” about him, Earnest insisted. “The voters who at least picked up the phone to talk to the people who were conducting the poll for CNN indicated that at least a majority of them were not trying to send a message to the president with their vote, that something else was driving their decision.” Earnest went on, “Most voters are deciding who to vote for based on the name that’s on the ballot, not the name that’s not.” We think he doth protest too much. But besides, Earnest says, if Democrats lose, it’s their own fault. “The president has worked so hard to benefit Democratic candidates in states all across the country,” Earnest said. “It’s been up to those individual candidates, those Democratic candidates, to make decisions for themselves about how best the president and his support can be used to their benefit in the elections.” It’s shaping up to be a rough night for the president.