The Patriot Post® · The War on Women Is Over

“I think this is the end of the ‘war on women,’ and the Democrats have lost it,” political analyst Charles Krauthammer declared last night. “They tried it, as we saw, famously, in Colorado. It probably helped to defeat Senator Udall because it became an object of ridicule. And once you get to that stage, it’s over.” Democrats made much of abortion on demand and free contraception in several races, as well as wage equality, but voters saw through the charade. In fact, Wendy Davis, who ran for governor in Texas as essentially the face of the Democrats’ side in the “war,” didn’t even win among women. Krauthammer said her loss was so bad that it “probably ended her career as a major national figure.” As it should. Finally, he concluded, “I think the Democrats are going to learn a lesson from this. There is, of course, an issue on which they can prevail. But if you push it to an extreme where it comes back against you, you’ve got to drop it.”