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Colorado Election Is Bigger Than You Think

Nov. 5, 2014

Columnist David Harsanyi argues that, of all the Senate races yesterday, the Republican win in Colorado is the biggest. “Republican congressman Cory Gardner’s victory over Democratic Senator Mark Udall is a far bigger deal than the media is leading on,” Harsanyi writes. “Remember this: Colorado is not purple or mauve, it’s blue. Not as blue as some states, for sure, but blue nonetheless. … [W]hen Democrats – including the president – argue that these midterms are simply a reflection of a structural problem, Colorado proves them wrong. You can’t have it both ways. Gardner ousted Udall, who fully embraced the entire menu of vicious and banal attacks that had previously worked for Obama and Michael Bennet. In the state where the president gave his dramatic DNC speech in 2008, Udall represented the smallness of today’s Democratic agenda. Udall’s campaign was a carbon copy of Bennet’s. … What [Garner] proved was that a qualified and disciplined conservative can win in a blue state. Of all the races in the country, this one that should worry Democrats most.” More…

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