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The Constitutional Peril of Executive Amnesty

Nov. 6, 2014

Columnist David Harsanyi writes, “In his post-midterm press conference [Wednesday], President Barack Obama reaffirmed his commitment to taking executive action on immigration, ‘before the end of the year.’ Obama argued that most Americans desire reform and consequently he has an imperative to act.” However, that has huge consequences for constitutional government. Harsanyi argues, “Obama has basically admitted again that he believes the president – if he’s passionate enough about a certain issue – is free to craft legislation. And by consistently equating his forthcoming executive action with bills passed by Congress, Obama acknowledges the purpose of his unilateral moves is to enact new policies or pressure Republicans into giving him what he wants. Which is a big problem if you care about the Constitution.” We certainly do care about it. The problem is Obama doesn’t – unless you define “caring” as “shredding.” More…

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