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Court Upholds Traditional Marriage

Nov. 7, 2014

A federal appeals court upheld same-sex marriage bans in Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan and Tennessee Thursday, temporarily slowing the march towards same-sex marriage. Judge Jeffrey Sutton of the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said in the ruling it was not the place of the courts to decide such an important social issue. What a novel concept. “When the courts do not let the people resolve new social issues like this one, they perpetuate the idea that the heroes in these change events are judges and lawyers,” Sutton wrote. “Better in this instance, we think, to allow change through the customary political processes, in which the people, gay and straight alike, become the heroes of their own stories by meeting each other not as adversaries in a court system but as fellow citizens seeking to resolve a new social issue in a fair-minded way.” Now with dissent in the lower courts, the Supreme Court will almost surely pick up the issue of same-sex marriage – even though Ruth Bader Ginsberg said leftists should change society over time instead of all at once. More…

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