The Patriot Post® · This Election Was Not About 'Dysfunction'

Dennis Prager: “Since last Tuesday’s elections, commentator after commentator on the left has declared American politics ‘dysfunctional.’ When Democrats win by a landslide, the left regards the vote as testimony to the great message of the left and the good sense of the American people. Only when Republicans win by a landslide does the vote reflect dysfunction. … There is one incontrovertible proof that all this talk about the election’s being about a dysfunctional Congress – in the president’s words ‘a sign that the American public wanted politicians to work together to get things done’ – is, to put it nicely, phony. That proof is the state elections. People don’t vote for their governor or for their state assemblies because of how they feel about Washington and its alleged dysfunction. Yet the Democrats were trounced in state after state elections, including some of the most liberal states.”