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Dying Vet Urges Other Soldiers to Choose Life

Nov. 12, 2014

Lt. Justin Fitch has only a few months to live until the stage four cancer found in his intestine takes his life. Until then, he’s going to try to save as many fellow veterans as possible. The two-time veteran of Iraq attempted suicide when his friend was killed in Afghanistan. Now, he’s telling fellow veterans to choose life. CBS News tells the story: “He has chemotherapy every other week, because the 32-year-old has a new mission: stopping military suicides, through a group called ‘Carry the Fallen.’ … He said he has a message for vets and soldiers going through the depression he went through. ‘There is hope that it is not a sign of weakness,’ he said. ‘To get help, it is a sign of strength.’” While cancer patients like Brittany Maynard avoid living a full life with all its pain and joy, a soldier who has been there and now looks death in the face fights suicide – the thing that causes more veteran deaths per year than all the soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. More…

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