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Volcanoes Keep Earth's Temperature Low

Nov. 20, 2014
The savior of us all

While climate scientists have been saying the earth is warming, the earth is warming, let’s destroy our economy because we love the earth, actual events have not corroborated their statements. And while Al Gore said seven years ago all the innocent polar bears would be swimming in lava-water right about now, Arctic sea ice is back to normal temperatures. Wow. This will look awkward for the UN as it tries to forget that international treaty flagellating the world economy because it was about to kill all the polar bears. The scientists over at MIT maybe have an answer to why the original predictions by climate scientists didn’t pan out: Volcanoes. Volcanoes kick up sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere where it cools the earth. The scientists didn’t think to include volcanoes into their prediction models to the extent that they actually influenced the temperature. MIT atmospheric scientist David Ridley said, “The effects of these smaller volcanoes is part of the solution to the warming hiatus or why the climate models didn’t predict that this was going to happen. These eruptions are happening all the time and they have been more frequent in the past 15 years.” Just goes to show: The Science™ isn’t settled. More…

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