The Patriot Post® · CNN on Obama's Immigration EO

Even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while. CNN’s Chris Cuomo called out White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on the disconnect between Barack Obama’s failure to pass “immigration reform” in 2009 or 2010 when he had control of both the Senate and House, and then his repeated subsequent assertions that he did not have the authority to use an executive order to legislate that reform. “The president promised not to do this,” Cuomo argued, noting that Republicans warned Obama, “If you care about working with us, don’t do it, and then he did it. What’s the calculation?” Earnest trotted out the worn out “House Republican obstructionism” rhetoric, prompting Cuomo to respond, “The problem is how this was done may overshadow what was done because now the motivation is to stop this from happening, not to come up with their own plan. I mean, you had to see that coming, Josh. … [Obama] had a lot of time; he didn’t do it. Now all the sudden he has to do it?” Cuomo is driving home the point Mark Alexander argued last week in The Democrats’ REAL ‘Immigration Reform’ Strategy: “[Obama] and his fellow Democrats were just pandering to Latinos; they had no intention of passing legislation to provide worker permits for five to 10 million illegal immigrants. Why? Because another larger and more critical Democrat voter constituency is composed of low-income Americans, whom the Left baits with class warfare rhetoric centered on issues like ‘living wages’ and increasing the minimum wage. Democrats don’t really want to dump millions of immigrant laborers, who are willing to take low wages, onto their dependable American low-income constituency, because that will, in effect, drive wages even lower. So Obama crafted an EO that Republicans can take apart. Then Democrats can get credit from their Latino constituents for trying, and blame ‘obstructionist Republicans’ for blocking them.”