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Failure to Launch: No Nuke Deal With Iran

Nov. 24, 2014

As the weekend progressed, it became clear that any chance of reaching a nuclear deal with Iran – what little chance there was, anyway – was next to zero as the Monday deadline neared. Yesterday officials confirmed that negotiators failed to come to an agreement, which means essentially nothing changes. Iran will continue masquerading its uranium enrichment program with promises of cloture and the can is once again kicked further down the road. According to The Washington Free Beacon, “The parties now claim that last-minute progress in the talks warrant an extension into December – and likely thorough July 2015 – though the sides have yet to decide upon a location for continued negotiations, according to a Western source cited by the Associated Press.” Right – “last-minute progress.” The only nation making progress is Iran, whose charade ensures that it gets ever closer to the goal of attaining a nuclear warhead. Real progress looks unattainable as long as the Obama administration is calling the shots. The question is, can Israel survive two more years of obfuscation? More…

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