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Kathleen Sebelius Also Thinks American Voters Are Stupid

Dec. 3, 2014

Former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is yet another member of the leftist elite who has supposedly never heard of MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber – one of the architects of the “Affordable” Care Act. However, while she tries to sever the connection Gruber had with ObamaCare, she sure does talk like him, saying Americans are too ignorant to understand the concept of insurance. “A lot of Americans have no idea what insurance is about,” Sebelius told USA Today. “I think the financial literacy of a lot of people, particularly people who did not have insurance coverage or whose employers chose their coverage and kind of present it to them, is very low – and that has been a sort of stunning revelation. It’s not because people hid it from folks. It’s because this is a complicated product.” Insurance? What’s that? Gee, we suppose the government should tell us all what to do because we’re too stupid to protect our own futures. Mark this comment down as a Gruberism. More…

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